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  • Honest Raw Honey

    Raw. Pure. Local.

    Our honey is sourced from our apiaries

    located in the lush landscape

    of Northern California.

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  • Bees

    For the past 20 years our bees have been bred favoring genetics of strong honey producers, gentleness, and heartiness.

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  • Hive Equipment

    As beekeepers we understand how important good equipment is. That is why we choose the best equipment from local manufactures, bringing you all the best.

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Empowering people with resources to become beekeepers not bee-killers


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Beek Geek

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Beekeeping is fun and rewarding and sharing what I know is my obligation to anyone interested. There is so much we are still learning about bees. I am a lifelong learner and beekeeping is a passion of mine.

On average, throughout the year we run around 300 hives in Northern California. I began keeping bees in August of 2016. This is not a "how to" channel. This is a private video log of the techniques and practices I use in keeping bees. Please join me on this journey!

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