Double Deep Hive Kit with Bees


Jefferson Bee Company is proud to offer it's very own beehive with bees! For local pickup from Red Bluff, California. We've selected the highest quality, hygienic, hybrid survivor stock honey bees.This beehive is great for a first-time beekeeper or someone who does not want the hassle of buying the equipment and the honey bees separately.

We are proud to offer the option of Carniolan or Italian Queens as well as our Survivor Stock Queen Bees.MUST PICK UP BEES IN RED BLUFF, CALIFORNIA. We will NOT ship bees. Expected arrival Early-Mid June 2018. Truck or Trailer Required for Pick Up.  


If you are looking into getting started in beekeeping, this is an excellent way.

This beehive includes. (5 frames total)

  • A laying queen
  • 4 frames of bees
  • 3 frames of brood
  • 2 frames of honey and pollen mixed

The equipment included is.

  • A top cover
  • 2 assembled deep 10-frame brood boxes 
  • 20 assembled deep frames
  • A bottom board

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