Honest Raw Honey

Thank you for being a part of our journey “improving lives through our commitment to the future of honeybees.”

How Honey is Made

To create honey, bees collect nectar from a variety of wildflowers, herbs, and other flowering plants commonly found right in your backyard. Older worker bees collect the nectar from flowers, store it in their stomachs, and transport it back to the hive to be put in the comb. During the flight back to the hive, enzymes in the bee’s stomach convert the complex sugars of the nectar into simpler sugars, in a process known as inversion. After the nectar is placed in the beeswax cells, young worker bees use their wings to furiously fan the nectar to evaporate water, dehydrating the nectar to create pure honey. Once bees have finished this process they cap the honeycomb, sealing it for winter.

What Makes Us Different

  • Our honey is 100% raw and unfiltered preserving the honey’s natural aroma and flavors. This means that we do not add or take anything away from our honey.
  • Natural and Raw honey contains many different health benefiting enzymes, pollens, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Based on the different varieties of wildflowers and herbs available to forage, our bees determine the composition, taste, and color of our honey.  
  • Our honey is not pasteurized.
  • All honey is Gluten Free and Fat-Free.
  • Because our honey is raw, it will eventually granulate or crystallize. It may be eaten as is or re-liquefied by placing in hot water. Honey should never be microwaved or boiled.
  • Our honey is extracted is small batches and bottled per yard and is available in supermarkets, specialty stores, butcher shops from Corning, CA to Ashland Or.

We invite you to try our honey and taste the difference for yourself.

Check out these shops near your today!

Corning, CA
-Olive Pit

Red Bluff, CA
-A & R Meats
-Enjoy the Store/Cedar Crest Brewing

Cottonwood, CA
-Holiday Market

Redding, CA
-R & R Quality Meats
-Holiday Market- Placer St.
-Enjoy the Store
-Nature's Kitchen

Palo Cedro
-Holiday Market

Mount Shasta, CA
-Berryvale Grocery
-Mt. Shasta Super Market

-Nature's Kitchen

Ashland, OR
-Shop'n Kart

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