Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners - Part 1 - Red Bluff


Interested in becoming a Beek?

Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners is an introductory class on bees and beekeeping.  There are several things to consider before buzzing into beekeeping. This course will include a lecture and a hands-on experience with all the equipment and tools needed to get started. Jefferson Bee Company promotes a backyard beekeeping philosophy in which we provide insight and education on what it looks like to keep bees, further enriching our local environment and communities.

This class will cover the basic biology of the honey bee, the inner workings of their hive; how, when and what to feed your bees, and the tools required for working the hive. Although there are multiple types of beehives, we will focus on the Langstroth hive.

Upon completion of this class, you will walk away with a clear understanding of the basic fundamentals of beekeeping.


From the Hearth in Red Bluff

638 Washington St

Red Bluff, CA 96080


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