Holiday Package - 2lb Honey and Lip Balm

For a limited time, we have packaged our raw honey, lip balm, and candles in beautifully wrapped gift bags just in time for the holidays. 

Honey -

Our honey is extracted directly from the honeycomb. We then take the honey and place it in jars. Nothing is added to our honey guaranteeing the true natural flavors of Northern California's native forage.

Our honey is raw, meaning it is never boiled only slightly warmed for bottling. Keeping all of its natural benefits unharmed.

Our jars are labeled with the flowers blooming at the time of foraging and extraction. The zip code on the jar informs you of the location of the bee yards from which the honey was extracted, ensuring its locality.

Lip Balm-

Our balm is all natural meaning that it is made with sustainably sourced ingredients found in the US. This ensures that our products are of high quality. 


Bear Candle-

Our Candles are made with 100% beeswax that has been extracted from the process of removing honey from the comb.

Our beeswax has not been altered, bleached, or changed from its original form. 


**If purchasing for local delivery please write the information of where you would like to have the package delivered, date, and to whom it is to be delivered too.**

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