Triple Medium Kit


Triple Medium Hive Kit is designed as an easy to lift beehive.

This kit reduces heavy lifting while still maintaining adequate space for your bees. Deep boxes can weight up to 80 pounds a piece! While medium boxes only weight around 40 to 50 pounds each. Meaning you'll have healthy bees and a healthy back! :)

Although the medium boxes used in this kit are typically honey supers. In this case, they are your brood chambers. Once your bees are ready to start making surplus honey you are going to want to add a honey super kit.


  • 3 Medium Bee Boxes (hive bodies*)
  • 1 Top Cover
  • 1 Bottom Board
  • Screws and nails for assembly (when ordered unassembled)
  • 24 or 30 Assembled Medium Wood Frames
  • 24 or 30 plastic medium foundations


  • Drill or screwdriver

Approximate assembly time is 2 hours.


*In this case the medium bee boxes are used as brood chambers instead of honey supers.

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